Eurodoors Give Bathrooms an Elegant Style

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Bathrooms

eurodoor bathroom

Eurodoors, also known as frameless shower doors, are gaining popularity in the United States. Originally used and loved in Europe, Eurodoors give bathrooms a sophisticated, sleek feeling. They are becoming a staple in luxury homes today, giving bathrooms a feeling of spaciousness and elegance.

We at Kendal & Co. are well versed in these beautiful frameless shower doors, and our professionals would love to share our current offerings with you as well as customizations available here in Rochester.

Difference Between Eurodoors and Framed Shower Doors

The majority bathrooms in the United States use framed shower doors. A metal frame surrounds the glass door and sits in tracks in order to slide open and close. Eurodoors, on the other hand, have no frame, making the glass stand out and the shower a beautiful focal point of a luxurious bathroom.

Eurodoors are made of higher quality glass as they must withstand daily usage without the reinforcement of a metal frame. Because they are simply a piece of glass, many customizations can be made, adding to the elegance of your bathroom.

Types of Eurodoors Available

If you’re willing to pay for customizations, there really is no limit on the type of Eurodoors you can purchase. However, the greater the customization, the higher the cost. Popular versions include standard-size doors, precut popular shapes and sizes, doors that extend to the ceiling, and ones which reside on a pony wall.

Design Impact of Eurodoors

Frameless shower doors, like stone countertops, are becoming a mark of a luxury bathroom. One reason is they change the design feeling of the room significantly by eliminating the metal shower frames. Even if frames are thin, they still interrupt the line of sight and can distract a person from appreciating things like elegant fixtures, custom stonework, or designer backsplashes.

Frameless shower doors allow more natural light to penetrate into your bathroom, giving you a better environment for personal primping. When you’re getting ready for that important work meeting, a big date, or a night out with friends, you want to look your best. Natural light in the bathroom provides a better means to do so.

Advantages of Eurodoors

Beside adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your Michigan home, Eurodoors bring with them some practical benefits as well. Metal frames tend to rust and readily collect dirt, hair, mold, and soap scum.

These frames are often difficult to clean well. Eurodoors, because they are a heavy piece of glass, can be cleaned quickly and easily. Using a shower squeegee daily keeps the door clean and beautiful. With these frameless glass doors, you also eliminate the need to clean the track for the metal frame.

Shower doors that rely on frames and tracks tend to break down mechanically at some point, and this design is the top cause of shower-door breakage. Eurodoors, on the other hand, are more durable and long lasting.

Increased Home Value

Installing luxury items such as Eurodoors may add to your home’s value. According to the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI), a bathroom upgrade done well may recoup about half its investment if you sell your home.

Bathrooms can be a make-it-or-break-it deal for some luxury home buyers, and investing in frameless shower doors may help create that spa-like feeling in your bathroom.

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