It can be overwhelming and confusing to look at your current kitchen or the space where a new one will go and try to visualize how it will look.

  • How do you know where your appliances should go?
  • What kind of island will serve your family the best?
  • What color cabinets and style of fixtures match your personal style?
  • Do you need a tub or shower?
  • Where will the sink go?

This is where we come in. With decades of experience we can make the most of your space. We can help you visualize design elements and ideas that might not have occurred to you. With our design service, our team gets personally involved in bringing your dream kitchen or bathroom to life.

It starts with a consultation. Someone from our team will come to your home to look at the space and take measurements. During conversations with you we carefully look through all the possible cabinetry, appliance and fixture options that we carry and choose the best styles and colors for you. With 2020 design software we render 3D designs of what your future kitchen or bathroom could look like.