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How Do Quartz Versus Granite Countertops Compare?

Two of the most popular types of material used in modern kitchens and bathrooms today are quartz and granite. Like any other material, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on which material is best for your particular home will depend on your own...

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How to Choose the Best Tile for Your Home

Today’s tile options are nearly endless with multiple materials, designs, shapes, and sizes available for your Rochester home remodeling project. Whether you are looking for a durable material for an entryway floor, a unique kitchen backsplash, or an artistic...

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TOTO Toilets and Washlets

Back in 1980, the Washlet made its debut as an electronic bidet seat that provides an exceptionally clean feeling after toileting. It quickly became TOTO LTD.’s signature product. The original offering featured rear cleansing, a dryer, and a heated seat. A decade...

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Eurodoors Give Bathrooms an Elegant Style

Eurodoors, also known as frameless shower doors, are gaining popularity in the United States. Originally used and loved in Europe, Eurodoors give bathrooms a sophisticated, sleek feeling. They are becoming a staple in luxury homes today, giving bathrooms a feeling of...

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What is an Exclusive Kitchen & Bath Dealer?

When deciding to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, one of the first decisions you will make is where to invest your time and money. Should you shop at an exclusive Kitchen and Bath dealer like Kendal & Company or at a major retail store such as Lowe’s or Home...

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MTI Baths

This month at Kendal & Company we are pleased to spotlight MTI Baths. MTI Baths is an employee owned, Atlanta based company that started out making whirlpools in the late 80s and early 90s. After patenting the Fill-Flush whirlpool cleaning system, the most...

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