How Do Quartz Versus Granite Countertops Compare?

by | May 15, 2020 | Retail

Kitchen countertop samples.

Two of the most popular types of material used in modern kitchens and bathrooms today are quartz and granite. Like any other material, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on which material is best for your particular home will depend on your own preferences and priorities for your kitchen or bath.

Our professionals at Kendal & Co. are well versed in both materials as well as installation and care details. When you are ready to replace your kitchen or bathroom counters in your Rochester home, take a look at the following considerations to make the best decision for you and your family.

Devoted to the Natural

Although quartz is an abundant natural mineral, quartz countertops are made by crushing quartz and mixing it with resin, binders, and color additives to create different designs, colors, and patterns demanded by homeowners. That said, high-quality quartz can be made to appear as natural stone.

If you are a purist at heart and want your kitchen or bathroom to reflect Mother Nature in its feel and ambience, granite is 100 percent natural stone. Granite is mined as single, large slabs of stone and used in Michigan to provide a unique and natural beauty for customers who choose this material.

Particular in Design

If you are particular about the look, color, feel, and design of your countertops, however, you will find you have more control and choice with quartz options. Since quartz countertops are synthetic, they can be manufactured to reflect a wider range of colors, textures, and designs to match your particular taste or other décor.

Each slab of granite used as a countertop is unique and may exhibit unusual or inconsistent color, design, or components that can’t be changed or removed.

All for Maintenance-Free

If you are a big proponent of low- and no-maintenance kitchens or bathrooms, you may want to select a quartz countertop, which is manufactured to be maintenance-free. There is no need to regularly seal a quartz countertop, and it remains free from any common kitchen spills including tomato, coffee, oil, wine, and other food and beverages. In addition, quartz is not porous so you can rest assured your countertops will be free from viruses and bacteria with regular cleaning.

Although granite is naturally absorbent, these countertops can be properly sealed to protect them from holding food and beverage stains as well as bacteria and viruses. You will need to remember to have your granite countertops properly sealed on an annual basis. Without this regular maintenance, granite countertops will begin to stain and deteriorate.

Durability Required

Although both quartz and granite are fairly strong and durable, quartz is more flexible due to its synthetic components, which means it’s the stronger option of the two. Granite can chip if a heavy pan is dropped near a corner or an edge and can be difficult, if not impossible, to repair.

Sensitive to Seams

Since quartz countertops are synthetic, you may be able to better hide seams if you choose a darker color and design and rely on a professional installation. This flexibility allows you to balance your choice of patterns and colors against your dislike for seams.

One of the beautiful features of granite is that one single seamless slab can be used for a high-end kitchen or bathroom counter. On the other hand, if you need more than one slab, it can be very difficult to piece together unique granite pieces so seams are not very obvious.

Budget Conscious

In general, quartz countertops are going to be more expensive because they are produced by companies who have control of setting the price. On average, quartz can run between $70 and $100 per square foot.

Granite prices can vary. Granite countertops usually fall within the range of $40 to $60 per square foot, while high-quality granite may run as much as $150 per square foot. In both cases, be sure to ask about other fees and installation costs.

Most Popular?

Whether you decide on quartz or granite for your home project is completely dependent on you and your needs—and both are beautiful and durable. But according to a survey by the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA), most homeowners these days installing countertops choose quartz, with granite in second place.

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