How to Choose the Best Tile for Your Home

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Retail

Kitchen tiles detail.

Today’s tile options are nearly endless with multiple materials, designs, shapes, and sizes available for your Rochester home remodeling project. Whether you are looking for a durable material for an entryway floor, a unique kitchen backsplash, or an artistic statement for a bathroom redesign, tile can make it happen.

Although ceramic and porcelain tiles are, by far, the most popular options, many other materials are available on the market today, providing a plethora of design, color, and texture options for your living space.

According to HGTV (Home & Garden Television), national tile prices can range from $1 per square foot to upwards of $20 per square foot. Our professionals at Kendal & Co. are well-versed in pros and cons of each tile as well as the nuances of installation and care for homes in Michigan. Here are some options.

Ceramic Tile

As one of the most diverse tile materials, ceramic is popular because of its durability and flexible application in just about any room of a home. Installation is fairly straightforward, and ceramic is easy to clean and comparatively less expensive than some other tile options. Select an unglazed ceramic tile for a more natural look while glazed tiles are more durable for heavy-use areas.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is just as popular as ceramic, touting its ability to look like natural wood or stone without the downsides of weathering and wear. Porcelain tile works well indoors or outdoors with a wide range of colors and designs so you can incorporate your unique tastes into your home design. Be sure to use a professional or study up on how to install porcelain tile properly.

Glass Tile

If you are looking for a stain-resistant, beautiful tile for an accent wall, gently used table, or kitchen backsplash, glass tile may do the job. The biggest advantage is that it’s easy to clean; the largest disadvantage is the risk of breakage is much higher.

Cement Tile

Another tile that works well in smaller spaces is cement. Although strong and versatile, cement tiles do need some regular maintenance to keep their good looks. The porous nature of cement tiles requires monthly resealing, and you may want to sand and reseal them occasionally as well. Another fact to keep in mind—they can sometimes be challenging to install.

Marble Tile

Marble tile is rightly associated with wealth with its high price tag and elegant, one-of-a-kind appearance. Since marble is easily scratched and stained, it’s wise to use this tile in smaller areas or to consider applying a sealant to protect your investment.

Onyx Tile

Very similar to marble, onyx tile is a beautiful option for low-traffic flooring or countertops. Create your own unique design with this translucent stone. Onyx tile often comes with a fiberglass or mesh support layer to help increase its durability.

Mosaic Tile

Perhaps one of the most decorative tiles, mosaic offerings provide an endless palette of design and color options. Most homeowners choose to use mosaic tile to add an artistic flavor to a room or wall in their home. Select your design and space carefully to avoid a dated look.

Granite Tile

If you are primarily worried about durability, longevity, and affordability, consider granite tile. Although not as splashy and high-end as some other options, granite tile is a dependable choice for those tucked-away, essential spaces of your home.

Limestone Tile

If you are looking for a natural tile, limestone is a great option. It has the great combination of being both strong yet easy to cut, which makes it a great tile for an unusual and beautiful floor or patio. Be sure to seal and clean limestone tile properly to preserve its appearance and functionality.

Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is another stone option, offering a natural, rustic appearance. Originating from limestone found in natural artesian springs and caves, travertine has natural pores and pits from organic byproducts. Typically neutral in color, travertine is an excellent choice for understated, low-traffic areas of the home. Like all stone-based tiles, travertine must be carefully sealed, cleaned, and maintained over its life in order to preserve its beauty.

Quarry Tile

Created from ground minerals and baked at high temperatures, quarry tile is nonporous, resistant to moisture, and extremely dense. Both natural and glazed quarry tiles can be used in home applications without sealants and provide a nonslip flooring surface. However, quarry tiles are prone to staining so keep them out of the kitchen.

Slate Tile

Originating from metamorphic rock, slate tile comes in a wide range of colors and is unique in its appearance. Slate tile is naturally rough and therefore resistant to slips, making it an excellent choice for bathroom floors or pool decks. It’s strong and durable, requiring only basic cleaning and occasional resealing to keep its beautiful appearance.

Metal Tile

Just as stainless steel appliances became popular years ago, metal tile has become a demanded countertop material of late. Comparable in durability and price to natural stone, metal tile is a great option for those homeowners who like the natural patina look in a kitchen.

Resin Tile

With the combined advantages of water resistance and design flexibility, resin tiles are popular in spaces like bathrooms, mudrooms, and backsplash areas. Avoid using resin tiles where they may yellow in sunlight or in high-traffic areas where chipping may be an issue.

Terrazzo Tile

If you can’t make up your mind, consider terrazzo tile, which is a composite of many different materials including glass, marble, quartz, granite, and other similar chips. All these materials create a one-of-a-kind collage of ground and cured material that is later sealed and polished for an elegant look.

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