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by | Aug 17, 2016 | Bathrooms

MTI Bath

This month at Kendal & Company we are pleased to spotlight MTI Baths.

MTI Baths is an employee owned, Atlanta based company that started out making whirlpools in the late 80s and early 90s. After patenting the Fill-Flush whirlpool cleaning system, the most efficient self-cleaning whirlpool cleaning system available, the company moved on to earn high recognition around the world. Gaining a reputation for innovation, high-end, award-winning designs and excellent customer service in not just whirl pools but an extensive range of bathroom appliances and accessories.

Award Winning Designs

American Owned

MTI Baths is and American-owned, employee-owned company based in Sugar, Hill Georgia. They are proud to be able to state that, according to FTC guidelines, they are “Made in the USA”. With the exception of a few glass enclosures, a few pumps and parts, and Teak wood, all of their products are sourced and constructed within the USA. And all of their products are constructed by hand. From thermo-forming acrylic tubs and shower bases to the plumbing of air baths or stone tub finishes, every step of the way is crafted by human hands.

Environmentally Responsible

Stream Bath

Not only do they use recycled products wherever possible in production and shipping but they recycle the byproducts of the manufacturing process as well as other products such as cardboard, paper, copper, aluminum, scrap steel, virgin and scrap acrylic and wood, and fluorescent light bulbs. And their products are designed to help their customers be more environmentally responsible with less water per wash and less time and water needed to clean their whirlpools.


The next reason we love MTI Baths is that with a myriad of bathroom products and accessories they also offer over 200 different models of tubs in three product lines. The collections are Boutique, Designer and MTI BASICS. You also can customize your tub for your exact bathing experience. Choose from unique installation types, to bath shape, size and depth and choose hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, audiotherapy, or chromotherapy and whirlpool or stream bath.

Stream Bath

Stream Bath

The Stream Bath is their newest innovation. The idea behind this is to create a bathing experience that is like a forest stream, with a gentle current of water flowing against your body and an ever so slight sound of motion. This is a new kind of therapy that is different from air baths or whirlpools. The Stream Bath creates gentle currents with end and side vents through which water flows toward your body. This is a calm and relaxing way to bathe, it is less rigorous than a whirlpool and thus is perfect for people of all ages, young and old.

Kendal & Co. Showroom

There are many more reasons to love MTI Baths, this is just a few of them. For more information please visit our showroom at 1429 N. Rochester Rd. or visit the MTI website.