Outdoor Kitchens

by | May 9, 2016 | Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen
Summer is fast approaching and nothing gets us more excited for summer than the idea of a good cookout! Few things are more exclusive to summer than the smell of freshly cut grass, the Tigers game on the radio and a fresh grilled hotdog, hamburger or steak.

What could possibly make your summer cookout even better? Having your own outdoor kitchen! No more running back and forth, inside and out to prepare and clean up afterward, and with the right lighting and seating you can entertain far into the evening.

We are going to go over a few of the essentials and few embellishments that will take your kitchen to the next level.



The Grill & Grilling Station
Wolf GrillYour grill is a central component of your outdoor kitchen. Don’t scrimp where the grill and gas line are concerned. With the qualified team of designers at Kendal, we will help design the layout of your kitchen which includes running a gas line for your grill. And we recommend this Wolf brand grills. Quality is important when it comes to a permanently installed grill, spending more up front to get the right grill can save you from costly repairs or replacements later on.

A grilling station can be just as vital as the grill itself. Having the right storage available to you outside can save you time and energy when prepping and cooking. A grill cart can be a good, low cost and space saving option. The possibilities for you can be discussed during the design process.

Storage, Refrigeration, & Counter Space
Outdoor KitchenConsider your storage and prep needs, this is often and overlooked detail when one begins to consider the space for an outdoor kitchen. You will need to consider your cabinets and countertops just the same way you did when designing your kitchen indoors. We love cabinets at Kendal and your outdoor kitchen needs just as much cabinet design and functionality consideration as inside. We work with a special local woodworking company to design your exterior cabinets.

Because we are not used to prepping outside it is easy to forget about countertops and prep necessities. We recommend Sub-Zero undercounter refrigeration for integrated drawers, beverage centers, or ice makers, to keep your food and drinks cold during those hot summer days.

Remember that you may be cooking in the sun and if your kitchen isn’t shaded you need to consider that your countertops could get hot from the sun. We find that lighter color countertops are better suited to outdoor prep areas.

Outdoor Sink & Dishwasher
Your sink is another place that we recommend not pinching your pennies. A good size sink is essential for prep, especially when handling raw meat, and having a reasonable sized one will make clean up at the end of the night easier and more efficient. It is hard to wash a serving platter in a sink that is too small! You may also consider a dishwasher, we cary Asko brand outdoor dishwashers, and we use Franke or Blanco stainless steel sinks.

Flooring is an important detail in your outdoor kitchen design. Kitchen floors can get built up with grease that makes them slippery, stained and hard to clean. An outdoor kitchen need special consideration when it comes to the floor, not only do we need to think about being exposed to the elements but we also need to consider the wear and tear of kitchen traffic and food prep. Talk to us about flooring recommendations.

Seating & Lighting
outdoor seatingWhen you plan out the space for your kitchen, whether you use the expert guidance we can offer you at Kendal or you are taking on the project yourself, you need also to consider where your guests will be sitting, how they will eat and how they will see their food! Often cookouts and parties can last well into the evening, remember to think about how you are going to light the area and what kind of seating you want for your guests to relax in. Consider making your space a room with a wall on one side or a ceiling. This can provide and interesting experience for cooking and dining in the rain!



pizza-ovenSomethings might be considered embellishments rather than essentials, but are nonetheless fun to think about and you may want to consider adding these to your design.

  • A wood-burning pizza oven
  • A wet bar and/or bar cart
  • Wine storage
  • A ceiling fan or chandelier
  • A TV
  • A pavilion/gazebo
  • Built-in cooler
  • Fireplace

You can add value to your home and comfort to your lifestyle with an outdoor kitchen. They are a unique way to entertain and impress your guests. Call Kendal & Co. today to begin your next summer project.