Sub-Zero Puts Professional Coffee Brewing in the Comfort of Your Home

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Kitchens

sub zero coffee system.

If you’re a coffee or tea aficionado, you’re not alone. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), roughly 59 percent of the coffee consumed daily by Americans is considered gourmet coffee. The National Coffee Drinking Trends report states this is the first time in the history of collecting coffee-related data that more than half of all coffee consumption finds itself in this category.

Given that statistic, it’s likely you fall into that gourmet-coffee-loving category. If you’re ready to divert some of your coffee-spending budget into a kitchen renovation, you’ll be pleased to know that Sub-Zero Wolf helps bring your favorite brewed beverages right to your own Rochester kitchen.

Invest in the Wolf built-in coffee system, which creates cafe-quality drinks and keeps them at your ideal temperature with a cup warming drawer. Our professionals at Kendal & Co. would love to tell you more about this amazing technology that lets you be your own barista any day and time you wish.

Built-In Professional Coffee System

Whether you love brewed coffee, espresso, or cappuccino, you’ll be impressed with the professional quality that Sub-Zero Wolf built-in coffee systems deliver. The system works with whole coffee beans as well as preground coffee blends.

When you choose to use whole coffee beans, you can grind them with a 13-setting built-in grinder. Brew serving sizes from a single ounce to up to 12 ounces, and choose the strength of your favorite beverage easily.

Customize every cup for every friend or family member who comes to visit, and impress them with the professional coffee choices offered right in your own kitchen. And if you’re a tea lover, you’ll appreciate the built-in water spout that dispenses ready-to-use hot water.

Convenient Cup Warming Drawer

Avid coffee drinkers who want multiple cups ready when they are will appreciate the convenient warming drawer that can be built in seamlessly under the coffee system. With space to fit up to 40 cups, you can offer an expertly brewed cup of cappuccino, warmed to the exact temperature of your choosing. Just think how surprised your friends and family will be when you can bring out gourmet cups of coffee at the perfect temperature during your next party event.

With a concealed interior control panel, your coffee cup warming drawer sits discretely hidden from view. Choose from a black glass design as well as stainless steel options to complement your kitchen décor. Simply push the drawer open to use, and remove the nonslip mat for easy cleaning.

Easy Installation

Although having a built-in professional coffee system may sound complicated to install in your high-end Michigan kitchen, Sub-Zero has designed this product offering to include an easy-to-reach and easy-to-refill water tank. As a result, you don’t need to worry about reworking your plumbing to take advantage of this amazing technology in your kitchen—or in any area of your home.

A History of Innovation

Founded in 1945, Sub-Zero has continuously worked to bring amazing innovations to the high-end kitchen. Built-in coffee creation and warming systems are only one of the many offerings this company has introduced to our modern society. The company creates a wide variety of built-in and integrated appliances that are professional grade yet hidden in today’s sophisticated kitchen designs.

Learn More Today From Kendal & Co.

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