TOTO Toilets and Washlets

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Bathrooms

woman in her bathroom with a toto washlet toilet.

Back in 1980, the Washlet made its debut as an electronic bidet seat that provides an exceptionally clean feeling after toileting. It quickly became TOTO LTD.’s signature product. The original offering featured rear cleansing, a dryer, and a heated seat.

A decade later, TOTO’s popular product came to the United States and is available in Rochester, Michigan. Our professionals at Kendal& Co. are well versed in TOTO products and would be happy to share how these additions would add to your bathroom function and design.

How It Works

Once the TOTO Washlet is installed, you simply push a button to activate a self-cleaning wand that extends from under the seat. The wand delivers soothing warm water for a front or rear cleanse. Finish with a warm air dryer.

In addition, the seat can automatically open and close and is heated for additional comfort. The TOTO Washlet offers a premist cleanse, deodorizing feature, and a post-use eWater+ electrolyzed water spray to keep the entire unit fresher.

Key Benefits

By using the Washlet bidet, you gain both comfort and cleanliness. Conventional toilet paper can be uncomfortable and unsanitary. When you use a bidet, you have the advantage of a comfortable warm water cleanse at the touch of one button that will do a more effective job. You’ll feel fresher and more confident.

Because the TOTO Washlet incorporates technology that helps keep your toilet cleaner, you no longer have to use harsh chemicals to keep your bathroom fresh and sanitary as frequently. The premist function sprays water on the toilet bowl before each use, which prevents waste buildup. After each use, the system uses eWater+, which delivers electrolyzed water to keep the toilet bowl fresh.

By reducing the amount of toilet paper and harsh cleaning chemicals used, the TOTO Washlet has the added advantage of being gentler to the environment. Fewer natural resources are used, less chemicals are consumed, and less waste is produced.

Ease of Purchasing and Installation

The TOTO Washlet is available from a host of retailers around the world. Incorporate the products into a bathroom redesign by one of our professionals or make the addition yourself with simple household tools. The Washlet is essentially a new toilet seat, which provides a host of features and benefits no ordinary toilet seat can deliver.

History of TOTO Washlets

The original company was created by Kazuchika Okura in 1917. His vision of a healthier and more sanitary home led to founding Japan’s first sanitary ware producer, which later became TOTO Ltd.

Fast forward more than 60 years to the creation of the Washlet, the now-famous bidet used worldwide. Within two years of its introduction, the product became a success throughout Japan, even after some advertising controversy.

The technology arrived in the United States by 1990 and was recognized as part of high-end homes and resorts. The eWater+ cleaning technology and its features were added to the Washlet in 2011, and TOTO reached a milestone of selling 40 million Washlets in 2016.

The Kendal & Co. Connection

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By connecting you with the manufacturers, developers, and providers of high-end products like the TOTO Washlet, we hope to make your entire remodeling project enjoyable, simple, and stress-free.

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