Touch Faucets Add Elegance to Your Bath and Kitchen

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Bathrooms, Kitchens

woman at a touch kitchen sink.

Touch faucets are now making their way into newer private residences in Rochester as well as into kitchen and bath renovation projects. In the past, you may have only found them in high-end commercial scenarios like fine restaurants, office buildings, and retailers. But no longer. Our Kendal & Co. professionals are happy to share the latest offerings in touch faucets with you for your upcoming Michigan home project.

What Is a Touch Faucet?

A touch faucet used in kitchens and bathrooms requires only a light touch to activate and shut off water flow. It differs from a conventional faucet, where you to turn a knob or move a handle to begin or end water flow, and is also different from a touchless faucet, where you activate operation with your body movement or heat.

How Do Touch Faucets Work?

Touch faucets use sensors that detect the human body’s stored electrical energy. Most touch faucets today will activate with a light touch that indicates you want to turn water on or off. When trying to clean the faucet area, you typically grab the fixture more forcefully and, in most cases, touch faucets can recognize when you are not trying to activate water flow.

What Are Advantages of Touch Faucets?

Touch faucets afford many advantages to Rochester homeowners. Here are the most popular reasons you might choose to install them over conventional ones:

  • Ease of use. Touch faucets are extremely easy to use, especially for older adults and children. The faucets can also protect you from unintentional hot-water injuries compared with conventional faucet handles. Most touch faucets allow you to preset water temperature and flow, eliminating the constant adjusting of knobs and handles.
  • Improves hygiene. Especially during times like these with the COVID-19 pandemic still in our midst, we all want to find ways to keep our homes as clean as possible. When we wash our hands, our motivation is usually to wash away any accumulated germs and dirt. A touch faucet helps to minimize or even eliminates spreading those germs and dirt on faucet handles, which can make their way to the next user.
  • Reduces work. With a touch faucet, you will have much less cleaning up to do in your kitchen or bathroom sink. Eliminate the messiness of touching your faucet with dirt, grime, grease, food, or germs on a daily basis.
  • Leak proof. Many touch faucets are leak proof, which means you will not find your money slowly dripping down the drain for weeks on end.
  • Increases home value. Features such as an updated kitchen or bathroom that include things like touch faucets can help increase the value of your home. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), kitchen and bathroom renovations and upgrades are still some of the most popular projects homeowners undertake.

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